What We Do

Attorneys Master Class is not about consultations and analyses, although each engagement starts there. We are about results - higher revenues, better profit margins, increased client care - and a more satisfying personal and professional life for the attorney.

In the truest sense, we are coaches and advisors for the business of the law. We work with attorneys and firms over time - usually a period of 6-12 months - to move them rapidly and efficiently toward their goals, whether that be higher revenues, greater efficiency and cost control, refocusing the firm, or simply a more satisfying life for the attorney.

Each engagement, whether for an individual attorney or a firm, begins with an On-Site Analysis by an Attorneys Master Class Master Practice Advisor which can last from one day to a week, depending on the size of the firm. After the On-Site, the Advisor develops a written analysis and action plan, and reviews it in-depth with the client.

After submission of the analysis, the Advisor works with the individual attorney, group leader or firm managing partner to provide step-by step information, instruction, guidance and step-by-step support.

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