The difference is RESULTS

Our work with attorneys is about results, not information, as we have demonstrated for more than twenty years. We work with our clients over time to provide five specific support components:

  1.  Information - specific education and information on the right things to do to get results. Attorneys Master Class has developed a detailed and in-depth curriculum which takes the attorney step-by-step through the process of developing mastery in client development or managing the successful legal business. Additionally, the Advisor develops a specific Coaching Plan or Analysis to provide a roadmap for positive action.
  2. Implementation - the Attorneys Master Class coach helps the client translate the broader information into specific, personal and focused plans and actions.
  3. Troubleshooting - any new action is often uncomfortable and rough around the edges. Without support, this is discouraging and is quickly dropped. The Advisor helps the attorney review, analyze and refocus after the attorney has been in action, for better result next time.
  4.  Accountability - Each meeting with the advisor is not only an education, training and advisory process, it is a vehicle to provide accountability. After each session, the attorney has specific action assignments to complete prior to the next meeting, and the advisor holds the attorney accountable for accomplishing them.
  5.  Re-habituation - the Attorneys Master Class coach works with and supports the attorney's new skills and activities until they are not only effective, but a natural part of a set of new, more effective habits. Information has now become internalized, and the attorney will continue, refine and build on their new skill set for the rest of their career.

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