one of the best decisions I ever made. [With your help] we have weathered one of the worst economic times in our state. During that time…my level of business increased in 2008-2009 and remained about the same from 2009 to 2010. …we would have shown an increase in 2010 except for some staffing issues. I was also able to purchase my own building at this time. During the current year we are trending a 50% increase in the amount of business we had when we first started working together…I am projecting a 100% increase in my income from 2008 to 2011…
    -- Don G. Pope, Don G. Pope & Associates, Norman, Oklahoma



I would highly recommend Mr. Cole's Attorneys Master Class training...has increased the profitability of my practice greatly and has made my practice easier. I know the same thing is true for my partners. We have used other trainers in the past, but Mr. Cole is by far the most perceptive, the most skilled, and the most helpful.
    -- Roger Minch, Senior Partner, Serkland Law Firm, Fargo, ND


Thank you for taking the speak to the ABA Family Law Section...Your presentation was spectacular...
    -- Scott N. Friedman, Chair, ABA Family Law Section Friedman & Mirman, Columbus, OH


Working with you... has already caused me to grow my practice significantly, first by helping me to develop a loyal, cohesive working "team" within the firm, and then to successfully delegate marketing and other aspects of this business to my team. Moreover...your advice and counsel on how to better develop personal relationships... within my own firm was invaluable, and helped me to achieve this year what has now become my annual goal: realize more income than the previous year, while working less!

In addition, it is majority opinion among my partners that this year's Firm Retreat, which you organized and facilitated, was by far the most productive and useful retreat in this firm's history...Based on the dialogue begun at the retreat, we have already implemented ideas and suggestions generated there, which will do doubt prove extremely beneficial to our firm as a whole in the years to come.
    -- Steven M. Malono, Partner, Pennington, Moore, Wilkinson et al, P.A.


My office is no longer in such a state of chaos that a small breeze feels like a practice is transmogrifying into the practice that personifies N. Diane Holmes, family lawyer extraordinaire...I would have never believed that my mental outlook and attitude would be what it is today; it will only get better! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
    -- N. Diane Holmes, N. Diane Homes, P.A., Orlando, FL


Dustin's seminar has inspired me to come out of the closet...I have already discovered many new sources of referrals and have followed up on so many of Dustin's techniques. My practice is about to expand beyond what I had ever thought it might be. Dustin's seminar has something for every level of practitioner...Dustin points those things out with such energy and enthusiasm that you can't help but be inspired to improve your own business.
    -- Faun Fenderson, Faun Fenderson, P.A., New Orleans, LA



Last week's seminar was powerful! This should have been taught in law schools to give us a fighting chance out in the real world.
    -- Det Joks, Det Joks, P.A., Miami, FL


If you ever have a moment of doubt about the good you do...I can assure you that you touch a lot of people and make a huge difference in their lives. Thanks!
    -- Gary L. Davis, Davis, Marlowe, Martens, Dunaj & Marlowe, New Port Ritchey, FL


I am writing to express my great appreciation for your advice and counsel as I seek to grow and enhance my practice. Thank you! ...By implementing your personal relationship marketing strategies, my intake of new cases has grown 30% in six months. I believe I am only now scratching the surface. Perhaps most importantly, I have managed to implement these changes in my practice so that my practice can survive and thrive in a small-town setting. For lawyers laboring in that environment and others, I recommend your services without hesitation."
    -- Jason Studinski, Kammer & Studinski, Portage, WI


Thank you for sharing your insightful message at the recent State Bar of Wisconsin seminar series. Your seminars received very high marks - you are and A+ speaker in everybody's book! Of course, the true success of a seminar is measured by the positive, incremental change that comes about in the weeks and months following the seminar. About once a day your name comes up around the office, as in "remember what Dustin said about...?" People heard your message, but more importantly, they are acting on it."
    -- Anne Massie Nelson, Director of Communications
        Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company


In more than 20 years of experience with continuing legal education programs, I have seldom seen such uniformly enthusiastic responses to any presentation. I personally attended all four programs and would strongly agree with the evaluations from the lawyers who attended."
    -- Jon DeMoss, President, Illinois State Bar Association Mutual Insurance Company
        Former President and Executive Director, Illinois State Bar Association


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