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Master Class, Leadership Level

A select few attorneys have already developed a high level of expertise in client development, practice management and team utilization, and are seeking to take their professional life to a higher level. For these high-functioning individuals, Attorneys Master Class provides a Leadership Coaching level which helps the attorney refine their already successful practice, seek strategic opportunities to increase revenues, and move into - or strengthen - leadership roles in their firm and the professional community. The structure, approach and length of this program is typically as unique as the attorney's practice and personality. The goal of the Master Class Strategic Level is to allow the successful attorney to break through subtle barriers to achievement, and create a new strategic playing field for greater success.


Master Class, Partner Level

Client Development or Practice Management Focus

The Master Class, Partner Level, is for attorneys with established practices who are either experiencing specific challenges in their practices, or are "topping out" and looking for keys to taking their practices to the next level. While the coaching relationship may emphasize either client development or practice management, strong systems and procedures are essential for success in either area, and therefore elements of both are typically part of the process. The Master Practice Advisor works one-on-one with the attorney to identify gaps in his or her skill set, understand their team and working environment, and develop a plan of action. Then, over a focused six-month period, the Practice Advisor works with the attorney in weekly or more frequent sessions via telephone, helping implement specific new procedures, systems and processes which enhance efficiency and billable hours, build a more effective team, and increase revenues. By the end of the six-month period, the attorney will be able to identify substantive improvements in their skills, team leadership and leverage, and stress levels. Additionally, they will be able to project a significant increase in revenues for the year.


Master Class, Associate Level

The Master Class, Associate Level is for associates who demonstrate high potential but consistently seem to be unable to achieve that potential, and are not returning the firm's considerable investment in them. The Master Class diagnoses the problems and issues, quickly applies proven methodology to train the associate in new and more productive work and client development habits, and moves the Associate rapidly toward productivity and profitability to the firm. To achieve these results, Master Class Practice Advisors apply practical, results-oriented methodology developed through years of work with attorneys at all levels in similar situations.

The Master Class begins with a Practice Evaluation, and is usually followed by an on-site visit to the attorney's office to meet personally with the attorney, evaluate the work environment, and begin the coaching process. Thereafter, the client has the completely personal, confidential support of a highly experienced Senior Practice Advisor who has worked with dozens of other attorneys on similar issues, and the firm has the support of a proven expert in moving or returning the attorney to profitability. After the initial on-site visit, the attorney and Practice Advisor work together by telephone for a period of six to nine months on a weekly or whatever basis best supports the attorney in achieving the desired results.


Team Programs

Based on the profile and needs of the group or team, Attorneys Master Class designs a group training and coaching program that provides the desired result. These programs typically combine initial on-site workshops, group and individual coaching, and on-site follow-up workshops. President Dustin Cole is available to discuss your firm's objectives, learn about your team, and design a program that will help your team increase their performance and deliver higher revenues.


Master Class Succession/Retirement/Transition Program

Attorneys Master Class now provides comprehensive support for attorneys and firms facing transitions via our new division, Click HERE for complete information. 

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