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Operations Analysis

The average firm loses 10-15% of profits due to inefficient operations, inappropriate or inadequate support structures, or misuse of specialized software? An experienced Attorneys Master Class Practice Advisor will personally examine all aspects of your operations and detail where they are efficient and where they are losing you cash. They will study all aspects of firm operations including your staffing, team and attorney support structure, workflow and systems, and identify problems which may be creating stress, frustration, billing and workflow bottlenecks, and even staff or attorney turnover. You'll receive a detailed written report complete with specific practical changes that can quickly increase profit and efficiency and decrease stress and frustration.

After submission of the final report, the Advisor will return to the firm to discuss findings and solutions with firm leaders, and work directly with leaders over the following 90 days to support implementation of recommendations.


Marketing Analysis

The Attorneys Master Class Firm Marketing Analysis focuses on the complete prospect-to-client "continuum" of marketing, from macro to micro -- from firm website, advertising, social media and market presence -- to individual attorney marketing skills, activities and results. While "macro" aspects are important, the greatest revenue increase can be obtained through individual attorney skills development.

At the macro level, the Practice Advisor closely reviews firm marketing directions, budgets and individual expenditures to identify greater cost and marketing efficiencies.
At the micro level, the Practice Advisor interviews all key marketers in the firm to identify each attorney's skill level, key marketing activities, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the attorney's specific needs and concerns regarding "macro" marketing issues and personal marketing support. Additionally, the Advisor analyzes firm and individual social media presence and activities and offers suggestions on increasing synergy and effectiveness. The Advisor then provides a written report, participates in a personal or telephone discussion with firm leaders to review findings and solutions, and supports firm leadership in implementing suggestions over the following 90 days. 


Small Firm Partner Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Dissolution

Master Practice Advisor Dustin Cole has worked with numerous small firms to successfully resolve a wide range of partnership issues, support attorneys in dissolving partnerships without litigation and as amicably as possible. Call Dustin at 407-830-9810 or email him at for more information.


Firm Retreats

What is the firm's plan for future success? What will it take to navigate the dramatically changing economy and profession successfully?

Firms that do not regularly conduct an effective firm retreat are at a distinct disadvantage over more focused firms due to lack of focus, clarity and urgency regarding how to most effectively respond to the rapid changes in market, technology and people.

And "effective" firm retreat is one which addresses key issues and obstacles boldly, facilitates agreement on directions and decisions, creates specific tactics to accomplish stated goals, and leaves participants energized and committed to the agreed-on future directions.

With an experienced Master Class facilitator who has successfully led dozens of firms through this process, your firm can come away from your retreat with renewed energy, focus and commitment, and consensus support for its leadership team.

A properly planned and executed retreat is designed to:

  • Review and address current and anticipated changes in the marketplace
  • Set firm priorities, visions and goals
  • Unify the leadership team around those goals, and address key "people problems" such as personality conflicts, retirement of a partner, or hiring/firing decisions
  • Address concerns and threats to the firm's prosperity
  • Plan how to take advantage of opportunities

Experienced, focused Master Class facilitators bring new clarity, depth and urgency to otherwise familiar issues, and lead the team through effective resolution of new issues. The experienced facilitator is able to help uncover key strategies and issues, keep the team focused, and draw out undercurrents, hidden agendas and dissension that can diffuse or even defeat the most well meant strategies and plans.

Development of an effective Firm Retreat begins long before the event, with a personal on-site visit to the firm by the facilitator to interview all relevant participants, conduct a survey of the firm's facilities and staff, and review the firms current and historic revenue streams, overhead, facilities and staffing. After this visit, the facilitator works with the managing partner or key contact to develop a proposed agenda for the Retreat. After the retreat, the facilitator meets with principals by conference call to review results and discuss next steps for followup.

Master Class Succession/Retirement/Transition Program

Attorneys Master Class now provides comprehensive support for attorneys and firms facing transitions via our new division, Click HERE for complete information. 

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